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by GiiKER

Smart Four Connected

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  • Super fun & brainy game: Use strategy and connect four game pieces in a row in 3-Dimension before your opponent does. The rule is simple, the fun is endless!
  • AI featured Board Game: The board records your moves and gives wining indications where Four pieces are connected. You can quickly fire up a head-to-head competition, play against the infused robot, or test your math skills from the mini-game.
  • APP Connected Game: Users can play against the adaptive AI and improve the advanced statistics; Battle with other players online and join a community of Smart Four from all over the world.
  • Innovative and educational: While you have fun playing Smart Four, it will help stimulate different parts of the brain and help improve your logical thinking, spatial thinking capacity, and also strategic thinking capacity.
  • Great gift for all ages: It’s a great game to shape family night or quick game to relax during the break in office. Leave the game on display and its stylish design will spark a conversation – possibly invite a spontaneous game. Get it for yourselves and for others!

User Manual: Click here