GiiKER Smart Sudoku
GiiKER Smart Sudoku
GiiKER Smart Sudoku
GiiKER Smart Sudoku
GiiKER Smart Sudoku

GiiKER Smart Sudoku

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🕹️ Interactive Number-placement Game Console

🥇 2500 Challenges from Beginner to Master

🎮 1v1 Battle via Bluetooth

✅ Switch Between 6x6 and 4x4 Grid

🔴 Sudoku in Six Colors

🧠 Builds Critical Thinking

💡 Improves Early Math, Problem-Solving Skills

 🚗 Perfect for Road Trips and Travel


Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure you place the correct number and tap to confirm.

Check the puzzle screen, if the pixel flashes to report error, that means the corresponding cell should have been filled with number piece, which was taken away accidentally.

It's possible that some cells were not tapped after being placed. Please check the completion progress of the puzzle screen, re-tap to fill in the empty/ unlit pixel.

How to play Smart Sudoku

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