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by GiiKER

Super Blocks

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • Innovative and interactive: SuperBlocks is a handheld console for a whole new puzzle game. The goal is to fill the lights area with indicated color/ colors of puzzles. Explore 1000+ leveled up games with learn modes and challenges, enjoy the game with sounds and lights interactions like never before!
  • Fun and Brainy: Quickly start the game without setting up. The rule is simple but the fun is endless. It develops cognitive skills, concentration, spatial insights and logical reasoning while playing. It makes learning fun and keeps you off the phone for hours and hours!
  • Learn Mode: Stuck in the game? You can check the solution from the learn mode, play it step by step either forward or backward.
  • Challenges Mode: Not tense enough? Test yourself with the challenges mode. Try to solve the game before the progress bar finishes.
  • Great gift: The retro handheld game boy design, supporting 35 hours game playing, travel friendly and great gift for kids and puzzle lovers.

User Manual: Click here

Frequently asked questions

It's probably that the puzzle is not properly placed, try to replace the
puzzle. If it's properly placed, the lights underneath it will flash for
once to give confirmation.

It s probably that the puzzle has been placed wrongfully, i.e. in wrong colors, exceeding the lighting area, the puzzle is not flatwise. Please replace the puzzle with correct color and place it flat within- the lighting area.

The puzzle zone has not been clear yet, please remove all the puzzles.

It's probably part of the puzzles have not been placed properly.
Please remove all of them and replace again. Or clear the puzzle zones and short press "left arrow button" or "right arrow button" to other challenge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very Good Product

This product is truly wonderful, it keeps your brain working and it is nice that each level the colours change and the puzzles also get harder.
The toy itself is working well and has no problems, however the small carrying bag is very thin and easy to tear. I like to carry this toy around however a small hole started developing in the bag, which then turned into a big hole.
Other then that minor inconvenience, this toy is wonderful and i definitely recommend it to those who need a quick brain puzzle!

Suriya Prakash G
nice puzzle for kids

My kids just like it
👍 its exactly as i expected, though there was delay in transit. delivery was good👍

Very nice game

I like what they have done (improved) with this classic game. I like how much fun it is to play, the technology integrated... while still being a game that you can use without any phone, tablet, WIFI, etc, etc.
Perfect for the whole family